Essential WFH IT tools


Essential WFH IT tools -Laptop ,Desktop, MF Printer ,VPN & Headset mic

Sysnet provide right PC \ Laptop and Multi-Function Printers,VPN,Headset with Mic based on your business and application needs. we could facilitate to have highspeed internet with essential PC accessories as well as one -stop WFH solutions providers

Telecommuting Staffs Success Starts with Right IT tools and Good IT Support beside the good education to Employee and self-discipline of Employee with right Change management policy in place to Successful WFH


Secure Remote access of office PC , Applications and Data

We are providing Accops secure access of office PC , Server Application & Data with  below security as bundled options so easy implement and support it

Endpoint control

 Blocked Internet when accessing office apps & Data

 Block data download

 Block clipboard, print screen, screen recording

 Enable MFA -Multi Factor Authentication

 Enable device restrictions based on identity & health

 Lock down user to specific device

Virtual Apps/Desktop Access (VDI Solutions )

As such, only you and your authorized staff will be able to access the remote systems securely, thus securing the port from hackers and zero-day vulnerability/unpatched exploits

Users can access virtual apps, session-based desktop or virtual desktop from corporate or personal devices, enabling seamless access to required office resources and applications.


A ready to go live, Desktop-as-a-Service to avoid the complexity of deploying any remote access infrastructure on-premise for short duration. Use pay-as-you-go model to pay for what you use