Email Archiving Solutions


Symantec Enterprise Vault. Cloud is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations store, manage and discover business-critical information. Enterprise Vault.Cloud securely captures information in a centralized and tamper-proof online repository, with seamless end user access and rapid search functionality. The built-in collaborative eDiscovery workflow provides legal teams with role-based access, expediting the discovery process. With no mandatory hardware or software required, the service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee. Symantec email archiving solutions can drastically reduce your organization's storage footprint and costs. Regardless of your current email environment, Symantec's Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Vault. Cloud provides the intelligence to help you efficiently store, manage and discover your organization's information.

  • Email archiving for productivity, management, compliance.
  • Symantec Email Archiving Solutions Free Users from Mailbox Quota Frustrations.


For most organizations, email is the most significant driver of growing storage requirements. To combat this explosive growth, you typically enforce a mailbox quota on employees, but these tactics tend to increase email management overhead and force end users to circumvent the process and create PST or NSF files. This shifts the storage pain to shared network drives, laptops and external hard drives — and introduces data loss, corruption and backup challenges. Email archiving with Symantec Enterprise Vault or Enterprise Vault..Cloud frees users from quota frustrations while improving Exchange and Domino performance and scalability. Implementing a Symantec email archiving solution can provide your organization with the following principal benefits:

  • A central on-premise or cloud-based email archiving solution can also allow users to save and archive PST and NSF files, as well as data from other critical information sources.
  • Faster and more seamless email migrations by archiving old and duplicate email before you migrate.
  • Intuitive end user access to archived email while on or offline and on mobile devices.
  • Proactive compliance with consistent retention policies and faster search for eDiscovery.