Secure Work from Home - Telecommuting

Coronavirus: Firms which fail to implement telecommuting where possible may face fines, stop-work orders:


To meet the above requirements Schima Sysnet provides Solution for Telecommuting : Refers to a working arrangement or work style where an employee does his or her work off-site, or outside of the principal office. They typically work from home one or more days a week and communicate with the office over the phone or some other internet-related form, like Video call by Skype / WebEx meeting /Virtual meeting or email ,Securely access the office PC ,Application from home and etc

Some of our proposed telecommuting solutions :

  1. WFH  (Securely -Work from home ) solutionsRemote office work with BCP co-location service ,
  2. Cloud based virtual teleworking Video conference and IP phone solutions
  3. Mobile Attendance ( By Using Mobile Apps on IOS as well as in Antroid )
  4. Disaster recovery / BCP Server & Application on Cloud as well as On-Premeises
  5. Face recognition Door access
  6. VPN Access with MFA
  7. Secure Endpoint PC Encryptions
  8. Secure vendor / Contractor remote access with session recording
  9. Endpoint Security Solutions 
  10. Cloud based Email and Cloud Aplications (SAAS)
Need of Secure Work from Home 
  1. Every business needs a cost effective Business Continuity Plan
  2. Growing Concern of Global Pandemic like Coronavirus
  3. Natural disasters
  4. Traffic Crawls
  5. Business growth requirements
Concerns with Work from Home 
  1. How to restrict data download & copy by users on personal devices
  2. BYOD devices can not be trusted
  3. Malware/ Key loggers on end user device
  4. Provisioning laptops to users for work from home, is 
  5. costly
  6. Time consuming & Logistically complex
  7. How to provision applications to end users on new/personal devices
  8. User’s Internet access can not be controlled
  9. End user’s bandwidth won’t be guaranteed
  10. How to address HR/attendance/productivity issues
Expected Solutions
  1. Quick to set up
  2. Quick to roll out
  3. Zero endpoint management
  4. Zero Trust Architecture
  5. BYOD capable
  6. Detailed Auditing
  7. Security compliant
  8. Available on cloud/ on premises
  9. Subscription Licensing
  10. MFA (Multi-Factor Authenticatio ) 
We can give the Multiple WFH Solutions to meet the expectations 

Unlike normal or traditional VPN providers, Compliant and secure solutions that enable workforce to stay productive from their homes without Compromising Security and Convenience .

Office PC & Internal Apps Access from Home

Securely allow access to user's Office PC so that user's can work as if they are working inside the office. Users can also access internal web portals, client-server apps, emails, FTP server, RDP servers from their own PC. MFA, device fingerprint and data leakage prevention features are available out of the box to enable fastest, compliant, simple and most cost-effective work from solution. Solution offers direct access to internal applications using application tunnels, enabling zero-trust based access .

•Endpoint control   •Blocked Internet when accessing office apps •Block data download •Block clipboard, print screen, screen recording

 .Enable device restrictions based on identity & health of the PC .Lock down user to specific device.

Virtual Apps/Desktop Access

•User can use personal device to connect to a virtual apps, session-based desktop and personal virtual desktop.

•User can use web browser with no agent or download agent for compliance •Endpoint control•Blocked Internet when accessing office apps •Block data download •Block clipboard, print screen, screen recording.•Enable MFA •Enable device restrictions based on identity & health •Lock down user to specific device•VM provisioning and life cycle can be managed from HyWorks•User Session Recording.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses around the world, many organizations are turning to telecommuting solutions to enable their employees to work from home securely. As a leading provider of secure remote work solutions in India, Sysnet offers a range of products and services to help businesses transition to a remote work model.

Our telecommuting solutions in India include virtual private network (VPN) services, remote access software, and cloud-based collaboration tools. These solutions allow employees to access company resources and communicate with their colleagues securely from any location.

In addition to technical solutions, Sysnet also offers training and support to ensure that your team is able to work effectively from home. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses in India stay productive and connected during these challenging times.

By choosing Sysnet as your telecommuting solutions provider in India, you can trust that your business is equipped with the tools and resources it needs to maintain productivity and stay connected while working remotely.