Oracle Sun Solaris Server Hardware Maintenance Support in India

Schima Sysnet do provide Complete Oracle Sun Solaris LDOM, Cluster and Zones Configuration and Implementation, Veritas Volume Manager, Cluster Server Support.



As a multivendor IT Support company, we would like to provide single point contact for all the IT solutions. We are providing Oracle Hardware, OS (Formally known as Sun Solaris HW and SW) and Database Designing, Installation and Support services which are included as below:

Oracle Sun Solaris Administration

  •   On a day-to-day basis provide technical support and fault resolution to Solaris Servers.
  •   Experience in installing packages and deploying patches.
  •   Monitoring and performing servers’ activities (File System usage, CPU utilization, Process monitoring, System Performance and Network Status)
  •   User management creating and managing user accounts and passwords.
  •   Managing and administering NFS servers and clients with auto mounting.
  •   Creating Solaris Volume Manger with RAID level 0, 1 and 5 Volumes.
  •   Configuring and Administrating RAID using SVM.
  •   Monitoring swap memory usage and increasing as per requirement.
  •   Involved in troubleshooting bottlenecks of memory, CPU, devices and network.
  •   Configuring Qlogic and Emulex HBA cards to detect the LUNs from storage.
  •   Great Knowledge on ZFS, Zpools.
  •   Creation of the non-global zones and branded zones.
  •   Configuration of the non-global zones, whole root and sparse root zone depending on the requirement of customers.
  •   Patching in Zone environment in the single global zone, single non global zones and also both the global and non-global zones.
  •   Deployed various scripts for hardware check under Solaris disk suite and VERITAS, file system space check, network interface status check on most of our Solaris environment.
  •   Migrated Solaris virtual servers and Applications from End of Life hardware and operating systems to newer supported platforms while saving money on buying new servers.

VERITAS Volume Manager Administration

  •   Installing VERITAS Volume Manager.
  •   VERITAS root disk encapsulation.
  •   Replacing the failed root disk.
  •   Storage capacity up-gradation having LUNs under VERITAS.
  •   Creating, Importing and Deporting the disk groups.
  •   VERITAS file systems resize using various VERITAS utilities.

VERITAS Cluster Server Administration

  •  Installing and upgrading VERITAS Cluster Server.
  •  Configuring resources with dependencies for both failover and parallel service groups.
  •  Configuring service groups and dependencies.
  •  Excellent troubleshooting experience.

Sun Cluster Server Administration

  •   Installing and upgrading Cluster Server.
  •   Creating and configuring resources and dependencies.
  •   Creating and configuring failover or scalable service groups.
  •   Did failover services to respective node.