Sun Solaris Hardware & OS Support

Oracle Sun Solaris Server Hardware ,OS Setup, Maintenance and Support in Singapore

IT Managers and administrators are challenged daily to achieve maximum support coverage per support dollar spent. Oracle Sun Maintenance by Sysnet Service offers you a cost-effective, high-service-level alternative to Oracle Sun direct hardware maintenance plans. Sysnet service frees more IT budget for hardware modernization and allows customers to maintain legacy Sun hardware well past the official End of Service Life - in several cases nearly two decades or more past EOL - at real SLA levels instead of having to settle for 'when we get to it' time and materials service from Oracle Sun.


  • Courteous, friendly service that respects you as a valuable customer.
  • Multiple Oracle Sun maintenance contracts and service levels available.
  • Critical Care Options including 24/7 same day onsite support.
  • Convenient Contract Administration- single agreement, single renew date.
  • Manufacturer-trained, fully certified support engineers and unopened Sun replacement parts.
  • Average 20%-30% lower cost than Oracle support plans.

OEM-grade hardware and UNIX OS maintenance even for customers and products out of warranty or that Oracle has deemed unsupportable.

Sun Solaris Operating System

We do provide Sales and Support services for Oracle Solaris OS , IBM AIX  and Mac OS over the 20 years in Singapore and other countries as well .

We also provide Oracle Solaris OS Migration and OS upgrade services for almost all the unix operating system with needed patch management services as well as Single point of contacts for all the OS support needs. 


  • Assistance with architecting your Solaris environment to optimize performance of the applications and utilization of the physical computing resources.
  • Assistance with the deployment of Solaris including installation, configuration and testing.
  • Assistance with support for your systems and storage administrators, and your IT operations staff in using the Solaris and Oracle/Sun virtual machine technologies.